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Cafeteria School Jobs

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Running a school cafeteria takes more than just one lunchroom lady. The jobs within a school cafeteria are vast, and there are a variety of positions. The positions in the cafeteria vary from cook to aide, and each has unique responsibilities.

Head Cook

The head cook oversees the assistant cooks and ensures that the food is being prepared and cooked correctly. The head cook is in charge of ordering food and keeping the correct supply of food in stock.

Assistant Cook

The assistant cook helps prepare and cook the food. The assistant cook may also rotate in varying positions, such as managing the food line. The assistant cook may also help with cleanup.

Cafeteria Manager

The cafeteria manager is in charge of lunch accounts and overall stability of the lunchroom. The cafeteria manager oversees the cashiers and ensure that the cafeteria runs smoothly.

Food Line Technician

The food line technician serves food to students. The technician is responsible for putting the proper portions of food on each tray. A food line technician often rotates as an assistant cook.


The cashier checks out students and totals their lunch expenses. The cashier is responsible for recording purchases in the student's lunch account.

Lunchroom Aide

The cafeteria aide watches over the students in the lunchroom. The aide ensures that students behave in an orderly fashion.