Duties of a Nurse Assistant

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A nurse assistant provides support for the nursing and medical team by performing health care duties. Nursing assistants are also known as CNAs and Home Health Aides. If you've ever thought of becoming a nurse assistant, read on to learn more about the duties you would have to perform in this position.

Nursing Home Duties

Some nurse assistants work in home care or nursing home settings. These nurse assistants provide nearly all care that elderly patients require, such as daily bathing, dressing and the changing of undergarments.

Hospital Duties

Nurse assistants who work in a hospital setting work under the supervision of a registered nurse. They assist nurses and physicians with exams, monitor the well being of patients, and change catheter bags.

General Health

Nurse assistants are responsible for monitoring vital signs and reporting important patient information to the nurse. They also make sure patients are well fed and dehydrated.


Nurse assistants juggle many duties throughout the day and usually remain busy until their work shift is over. They are usually responsible for at least 10 different patients at any given time.

Time Frame

Nurse assistants usually work between 8 and 10 hours per day.


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