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Facts on Bartending

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Bartenders create alcoholic beverages for patrons. Because of the makeup of each drink, bartenders must attend school or have training to become a bartender. Bartending involves serving drinks while listening to and meeting the needs of customers.


Bartending involves being knowledgeable enough to create hundreds of alcoholic drinks by mixing liquor with nonalcoholic beverages such as colas and seltzers or by serving beer and wine.


Bartending is essential in keeping the bar area of a restaurant or tavern flowing by creating drinks and serving customers alcohol.


Bartenders can tend bar in a variety of ways, at a bar where patrons come up and ask for a drink, in a kitchen to create drinks for guests, or with a portable bar that travels, such as one on a cruise ship or in a large social establishment.


A bartender can receive special awards and recognition for competing in bartending contests across the world. Good bartenders can make aggressive salaries for only working a few hours a day just from tips alone, making bartending a successful career.


Bartending allows establishments to bring in new customers by serving alcohol; this increases the flow of traffic and creates revenue.

Famous Ties

Bartending was made famous in movies such as "Coyote Ugly" and also "Cocktail," where bartending skills were displayed in extreme form.