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Examples of the Resume Objectives of Freelance Writers

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A resume objective tells employers what type of job you’re seeking and what you can offer them. While you should always tailor the objective to the opportunity, this is crucial for freelance writers . Many possess a wide range of skills and have dabbled in several types of writing. Including a customized objective can unify the information on your resume and highlight you as just the writer the employer needs.

Describe Results

Go beyond what kind of job you want or what kind of writing you specialize in, and instead describe the benefits of your work. If you focus on search engine optimization website copy, use an objective such as “To create SEO content that will provide higher search engine rankings for small business websites and convert visitors to customers.” For a job writing sales copy, use an objective such as “To craft direct marketing pieces with a strong call-to-action that encourages prospective customers to take the next step toward becoming long-term clients.”

Make It Specific

Don’t try to cram too much into your objective. If you clutter it with a long list of skills and accomplishments, you might confuse the employer about what you do best and what you’re looking for in a freelance job. Also, avoid vague statements such as “seeking a challenging position,” which tell employers little about your unique qualifications. Instead, narrow down your objective to a concise statement that highlights what differentiates you. If you’re applying for a freelance blogging job, use a statement such as “Full-time freelance writer with five years of experience in blogging. Proficient in blogging platforms, SEO, headline writing and photo curating and editing.”

Customize It

Your objective should clearly state why you want the freelance gig for which you’re applying and how you’re qualified to fill the role. Include only experience and skills relevant to the opportunity, omitting anything not directly related. If you have other skills you’re proud of, include them farther down in your resume. For example, if you’re applying for a position as a freelance copywriter, don’t mention your prior entertainment reporting. If you’re seeking a position as a newspaper stringer, don’t include your experience writing technical documents.

Summarize Your Qualifications

Your objective section is one of the first things employers see on your resume, so use it to highlight your strengths and most notable accomplishments. Lead with a 100- to 200-word qualifications summary that showcases your talents and experience, including only your most prestigious assignments or honors. For example, write “Award-winning business reporter with 15 years of experience covering the stock market and the international economy. Credits include "Forbes," "Bloomberg Businessweek" and "Time." Seeking freelance opportunities to educate the general public about critical financial and economic issues.”

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