Examples of Resume Job Skills

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A resume is an essential job search tool. No matter how charismatic you are, you will not land a job if you can't get your foot in the door and land an interview. The purpose of a resume is to provide a list of your education, work experiences and relevant job skills to entice recruiters to call you in for an interview. There are many skills that can make a candidate more attractive to an employer.

Leadership Skills

Employers often desire candidates with proven leaderships skills. If you have been a leader in the past, citing your experience and skills can strengthen a resume. For instance, you could cite that you were a member of student government during college or a captain of a sports team on your resume. If you've worked as a manager in the past, include information about your leadership responsibilities.

Computer Skills

Knowledge of computer programs and programming is often desirable or required for certain jobs. Many business-oriented positions require knowledge of common office programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you have basic or advanced skills with these programs, note it in your resume when applying to office jobs. If you have advanced knowledge with a specific program or computer language, note that in your resume. Even if a job does not require it, having the skill can make you a bigger asset to the company.

Language Skills

It is assumed that individuals will have basic reading, writing and oral communication skills, but knowledge of other languages can increase your value to an employer. If you know more than one language, note each language on your resume as well as your level of fluency.

Tools and Equipment

Some jobs require physical ability and skill with tools and other equipment. If you are applying to a job that involves the use of tools, note the tools and equipment you know how to use. For instance, if you know how to drive a forklift, mention it in your resume if you are applying to a job at a factory. If the job requires long periods of physical labor, make a note about your physical fitness and experience in similar roles.

Quantitative Skills

A quantitative skill is the ability to work with numbers. Quantitative skills are often in high demand; if you have skills in accounting, statistics, mathematics or related fields, cite your experience in your resume. Quantitative skills can be useful in roles even where they are not specifically required, so it is not a bad idea to list your quantitative skills even when applying for a job that doesn't cite specific abilities as requirements.