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Examples of Job Interview Questions for Drama & Music Teachers

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Music and drama teaching interviews usually begin with common inquiries about an applicant’s availability, certifications and experience. Employers seek drama teachers who have a degree in performing arts, while preferring music instructors who majored in music and education. They want candidates who are invested, creative, innovative and focused. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that art, drama and music teachers in New York earn the highest average annual salary at $104,630, as of May 2012.

General Information

Interviewers frequently ask candidates how they got to where they are today and analyze responses for personal growth, objectivity and overall career mission. In your opinion, what are the best and worst aspects of teaching? They may request a portfolio of samples, pictures or videos showcasing prior concerts or plays you taught, directed or coordinated. Example questions could probe what you would like to change about teaching, or how your philosophy on education differs from when you were a student.

Drama Coordinators

Regardless of talent, some students are more introverted than extroverted. How would you make sure every kid gets his time to shine? What source do you use to stay informed and keep students informed about community events related to theater? Interviewers may ask you to share an effective method you've used to prepare students for a performance. They might also request an example of a time you successfully coordinated a diverse group to accomplish a task.

Music Instructors

The National Association for Music Education shares some of the most common interview questions for music teachers, like "What's your favorite musical concept to teach?" "What's the most exciting thing happening in music education and what are the current curriculum trends?" "Why is music important to have in the curriculum?" and "What do students gain from studying music?" Interviewers may use questions to gauge dedication, such as inquiring how often you would hold marching band rehearsals.

Teachers of the Arts

Some interview questions are fitting for drama and music teachers, such as what you would consider to be the ideal budget for your program, or how you can tell if you've had a successful rehearsal. Interviewers may ask you to explain how you implement career education in drama or music classes. Prepare for theme-related inquires to include "Can you control a group's behavior in large ensembles?" " How would you divide a 40-minute class period in a rehearsal setting?" and "How would you deal with scheduling conflicts for a student involved in sports and your class?"


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