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Entry Level Starting Salary of a Media Coordinator

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

General Motors, Ford, AT&T and Verizon collectively spent over $13.5 billion in advertising in 2012, according to Business Insider. At least some of that advertising was likely placed by entry-level media coordinators -- or assistant media planners -- who also help advertising managers plan and schedule advertising, and track results. If you want to commence a career as a media coordinator, you'll probably need a bachelor's degree. You can expect to earn a salary averaging nearly $40,000 annually.

Salary and Qualifications

Entry-level media coordinators earned average salaries of $38,000 as of 2013, according to the job website Indeed. If you want to become a media coordinator, you'll likely need a bachelor's degree in business, advertising, marketing or communications. These professionals don't necessarily need experience in advertising or media buying, but some employers may require it. They get most of their training on the job. Other essential requirements include an attention to detail and organizational, analytical, communication and decision-making skills.

Salary by Region

In 2013, average entry-level media coordinator salaries varied slightly within U.S. regions. In the South, they earned the highest salaries, $45,000, in Washington, D.C., and the lowest, $32,000, in Louisiana. Those in the West made between $26,000 and $41,000 per year, respectively, in Hawaii and California. If you worked in the Midwest, you'd earn the highest salary, $41,000, in Illinois or the lowest, $29,000, in Nebraska and South Dakota. Your annual salary would be $33,000 or $46,000, respectively, in Maine or New York, which were the lowest and highest salaries in the Northeast.

Contributing Factors

Media coordinators, including those just starting their careers, may earn more in certain industries. For example, advertising managers -- who often work with media coordinators -- earned some of the highest annual salaries in the computer systems design and wireless carrier industries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -- $141,940 and $139,330, respectively. This is approximately $32,000 to $44,000 higher than the average salary, $107,060, for advertising managers. Entry-level media coordinators may also earn higher starting and average salaries in these two industries. They may also earn more in larger corporations or advertising agencies, which have the revenue bases to support the higher salaries.

Job Outlook

The BLS doesn't report job trends for entry-level media coordinators. It does forecast jobs for advertising and promotions managers -- with whom media coordinators often work -- which will increase 13 percent in the next decade. Jobs for media coordinators should also increase at this relatively average pace, as companies need them to place multitudes of ads with many media sources. These ads help generate sales and revenue for corporations in a highly competitive marketplace.