Economic Development Goals & Objectives

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When you’re vying for a position in economic development, you want to tailor your resume to show both your training and dedication to the profession. In your cover letter and resume, as well as during your interview, your goals and objectives should clearly state how your own goals and objectives match those of the specific organization where you want to work.

Highlight Experience

Economic development organizations are dedicated to providing opportunities for small businesses, community workforces and the disadvantaged. Candidates for positions within an economic development agency should explain the steps they’ve taken in their careers, schoolwork and volunteer positions to partake in those efforts at some level in an objective such as: “To utilize extensive experience as a committee chair at the Institute for Economic Empowerment, bringing well-honed research and policy-making abilities to bear for the ABC County Economic Development Corporation.”

Focus on Training

Economic development boards and corporations are fast-paced, lean organizations that need employees ready to hit the ground running. Goals and objectives should focus on the training the candidate brings to the job, putting recruiters at ease about the level of competence they’re getting in the new hire. “The combination of a master’s in business administration with a Certified Economic Developer certification provide ABC County Economic Development Corporation with a practical, well-trained professional, excited to work side by side with the diverse businesses and fast-paced culture developed at the company.”

Compliment the Culture

Compliment the company, while bringing up credentials and including special abilities and experience, in any goals and objectives on your resume and cover letter. Cover letters should always bear the name of the recruiter. "Dear Mr. Jones," is likely to get read, while "To Whom It May Concern" will likely hit the trash. The cover letter is a place to expand on goals and objectives. It should be focused on the specific organization and the duties of the job, explaining how the candidate will best fulfill those duties. “I look forward to joining the ABC County Economic Development Corporation, which has made exceptional contributions to the county through social, cultural and political efforts directed toward economic expansion.”

Use Keywords

Keywords are those words designed to meet the specifications of a computer program that screens resumes and cover letters before they reach hiring managers. If the goals and objectives put forth in those documents do not contain keywords, it may not even make it to the desk of the recruiter. Job hunters find keywords in the ad posting the job and on the company website. Likely keywords in a posting for an economic developer include community economic development, grassroots efforts, small business assistance, real estate, entrepreneur, political activities, chamber of commerce and job development.