Easy Ways to Earn Money

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

It's always a good time to earn money. Whether for spending money or to pay important household bills, an extra source of income is a welcome relief. High school and college students may be in need of more money as they require more time to study and less time to work. A little creativity can help you make some money without too much effort or cost.

Typing Papers

College students may cringe when they find out they have to write a research paper for one of their classes. For many, it is the act of typing that they find tedious and difficult. The rules of syntax, grammar and proper paper formatting may cause grief for the average student. An easy way to make money is to offer your typing services. You don't have to do the research for your customers. Instead, you can offer to put together the research that they have done, working from a basic outline, or you can require that your customers have a written rough draft ready to go. Charge by the word or by the page, but the amount may vary among customers and what they are willing to pay.


Start your own online blog. Don't expect to make a substantial amount of money instantaneously, but, if you blog consistently and write good content, you can earn an extra income through advertising revenue and highlighting or promoting various products. Blogging can be a way for you to write about something that you are familiar with and provide your readers with information in your area of expertise. Various websites, like ProBlogger.com (see the Resources section), can offer you important insight about blogging. The amount that you make will vary based on website traffic and sales from promoting products.

Selling Unwanted Items

Selling items on the Internet is a great way to dispose of something that you don't want and to make money at the same time. Some people do not want to take the time to have a garage sale, so you can sell the unwanted items of others, too. After you sell your items, go door-to-door asking people if they have any junk that they would like to get rid of. Offer to take it off their hands and then sell it on eBay or Craigslist (see the Resources section). If there is a local consignment shop in your area, ask if there are leftover clothes that you may sell. If people are hesitant to part with their stuff, you can offer to split the profits with them.