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Duties of an Accounting Systems Analyst

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Most organizations are quickly adopting modern technologies to enhance their efficiency in performing daily operations. Today, it is rare to find accounting staff recording transactions or storing financial information manually because accounting analysts have developed systems that help in the digitization of accounting activities. These professionals use their knowledge in financial technologies to design and maintain accounting systems and offer technical support to users. When hiring, most employers look for business administration or accounting graduates, often with expertise in information systems.

Automating Accounting Operations

An organization develops an accounting system that is customized to meet the complexity of its operations, size and the management's informational needs. Before automating your business' accounting section, it is wise to consult an accounting systems analyst. His task is to gather information on your organization's structure and accounting processes to design a flexible system that serves your needs. The accounting analyst ensures the system accommodates essential services such as information storage, data exchange and data management, all of which help maximize business efficiency.

Maintaining Systems

Accounting systems require regular maintenance to keep them functional and up to date. Systems analysts know technology is dynamic and work toward making accounting software more adaptable to meet the changing accounting needs of an institution. In instances where improvements to an existing accounting system can’t be implemented, the analyst designs alternative systems to replace the old ones. McGraw Hill Higher Education recommends that an updated accounting system should be able to relay information to investors, creditors, and managers and support decisions such as tax strategies, performance evaluations and investments.

Training Accounting Personnel

Training of personnel is an integral part of an organization's planning. According to, an automation system is only as good as the professionals who design and use it.. The accounting systems analyst is charged with the responsibility to train all the company personnel who will use the software for accounting work processes and procedures. He demonstrates how to restart the system whenever necessary and shows them how to work their way around minor glitches. Accounting systems analysts can also evaluate the work performance of accounting staff.

Assisting Auditors

Accountants collaborate with internal auditors to prepare financial reports and ensure taxes are paid. In the U.S., external auditors may inspect an organization's accounting department to ensure it is complying with government policies. Accounting systems analysts help auditors retrieve financial information that is essential in preparing reports. If the system stores information in a technical language, the accounting systems analysts assist the auditors to interpret it or convert it into a normal format. At times, they oversee preparation of electronic payrolls.


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