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Dental Consultant Salary

Dentistry practitioners normally have different specializations that they can offer to patients. The various types of dentistry professionals include orthodontists, pedia-dentists, dental technicians and dental consultants. The dental consultant profession is an emerging part of the dental services industry. Dental consultants help by offering advice regarding the improvement of general dental services.

Tasks of a Dental Consultant

Dental professionals normally have technical backgrounds in dentistry; however, they often have limited knowledge in running a dental business. This is the gap that a dental consultant tries to fill in. A dental consultant bridges the extreme differences between technical and business knowledge. Generally, dental consultants are responsible in reviewing treatment and claims plans. Their main sets of tasks are related with dental standards of practice and some other claims on administration policies. Apparently, these do not fit in the technical knowledge of dentists or dental technicians.

National Average Salary

Based on the data gathered by, the average salary for dental consultants in the United States, as of July 2011, is pegged at $59,000. Aspiring dental consultants should understand that the actual salary depends on experience, industry, company and location where they are employed.


According to, the average salary of dental consultants within Rancho Cordova is $20,000 as of July 2011. This shows a declining salary trend compared to previous years. In Columbus, Ohio, the average salary dental consultants get is around $19,000. Based on nationwide job listings on, that rate is 16 percent lower than the average salary of those employed in the profession nationwide. In Arkansas, the average salary posted on is $22,000.


Normally, dental consultants must have a license to practice dentistry in the area where they intend to work. Some employers require consultants to have accumulated around five to 10 years of experience in the dental industry. Employers also give preference to those who are members of the American Dental Association. Logically, dental consultants should have a knowledge of dentistry and oral healthcare, which allows them to perform their expected tasks. Dental consultants play a very crucial role in ensuring top-notch quality of dental services. They also provide help to the patients who may need to file dental claims.