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Customer Service Tips for Tellers

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Bank tellers come into contact with customers on a daily basis, and they are the friendly faces that make a person want to return. Tellers have the responsibility of greeting the customer, giving them their options, assuring they get exactly what it is they need or want, and completing the transaction. Good customer service is a key component of banking, and absolutely necessary for keeping the clientele satisfied.


Flashing a bright smile is an effective way to greet your customers. A smile tells the customer that you are pleased to serve them, and makes them feel comfortable conducting business with your company. Large companies like Delta Airlines have reported on the effectiveness of a smile and good customer service on their sales and customer satisfaction. Customer opinions also comment on the level of satisfaction directly correlated with a smile and a pleasant attitude.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your customer lets them know you are interested in helping them, and it assures them that you are paying attention to their needs. Eye contact also aids in good communication, as it is much easier to hear someone when they are looking directly at you. Eye contact along with good speech habits will enhance good communication between you and your client, resulting in a quick and pleasurable transaction for both parties.


Another way to make your clients feel important is to address them by name. This may be possible just by looking at their documentation, or you may learn who they are based on the frequency in which they are at your company. Either way, make them feel important by addressing them by their last name. A smile and a simple, “Hello Mr. Smith, how are you today?” can make customers feel like you are taking a moment from your script to personalize the transaction. If your job allows for conversation to occur further than the transaction itself, you can keep a mental note of an event or occasion they mention, and follow up with them briefly in subsequent visits.

General Professionalism

Efficiency, trustworthiness, and orientation to detail are all factors of general professionalism, and are the keys to a successful business, especially in customer service. Efficiency and staying on top of your task is imperative and essential for doing your job correctly and in a timely fashion. It is also important for a bank teller to be trustworthy, as they are constantly dealing with confidential and sensitive materials. Orientation to detail is extremely important, as it helps to avoid making mistakes that may cost the client and the bank. General professionalism is essential because you represent the company you work for, and keeping its customers happy will promote long and faithful relationships.


Charissa Mennell has been a professional writer/editor since 2006, with a background in psychology, medicine and law. She has edited several books, including Cover Girls and Kindred, published by Blade Publishing.

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