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How to Be a Successful Bank Teller

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Nearly nine out of 10 people that enter a bank or financial institution are going because they have a transaction they would like handled in the teller line. Bank tellers are the employees that are representing the bank. It is very important for the sake of the bank that the tellers are successful at their job.

Make sure that you actually enjoy what you are doing. Do you dread getting up every day and going to work because you do not enjoy what you do? If this is the case, you can be assured that the customers you are helping are picking up on this and realize that you don't like you're job. This does not represent the company well. If you don't enjoy your job, you should do yourself, the company you work for, and the customers a favor by considering alternative job opportunities.

Greet your customers with a warm welcome. First impressions can only be made one time, and it is very important that you show your customers that they are welcome in your bank by greeting them with a friendly welcome every time a customer enters the bank.

Get to know customers. Begin to make small talk with customers and try to develop a relationship with them. Developing a relationship with the customer will make things much easier when you are trying to talk to them as they enter the bank in the future. This also shows the customers that you realize they are a real person, and they will feel appreciated.

Use the customer's name two times when you are helping them. An easy way to accomplish this is to use their name as you welcome them to your desk. You can also use their name as they leave your desk and you tell them to have a great day. Using a customer's name also shows them that you know who they are, and they will feel appreciated.

Always apologize if you make a customer wait in line for any amount of time. Perhaps you were just finishing up on a phone call, or maybe you were assisting another teller with a customer. Regardless of why you made the customer wait, apologize to the customer for making them wait.


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