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How to Create a Script Writing Resume

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As a creative professional, the most important thing to focus on when preparing a script writing resume is your success to date. Being a script writer isn't like a normal office job with an employment contract and regular salary. As a script writer, you'll be commissioned for individual projects, so your track record in delivering high-quality work that has been produced and screened is what will help you secure future opportunities.

Header and Contact Details

Place your name and all essential contact details at the top of the page, including your agent's name and contact details if you have one. It's commonplace these days for writers to have a web or social media presence to showcase their work, too, so make sure you signpost your web site or social media pages clearly.

Personal Profile

Write a short, punchy statement on your key achievements to date and your writing ambitions. Emphasize your writing experience in different genres and for different types of productions. Keep this section short and write it in the third person, a couple of good sentences is fine. For example, "An experienced writer of scripts for day-time television drama with ambitions to move into script writing for prime-time returning series."

Professional Credits

Provide full details of all your professional credits in a clear, readable format. The minimum information you should provide includes whether the production was for television, film or theater, the production name, the producer and production company. You may also want to list the network in the case of a television production, the director, cast or any awards the production won where this adds further professional credibility. List your credits in chronological order, starting with your most recent first.

Education, Training and Professional Affiliations

Include details of all relevant education and training, such as degrees or other courses in script writing. If you have qualifications in other relevant areas, such as film studies, acting or theater production, include those, too. It is not necessary to include any other details where they have no bearing on your skills, experience and professionalism as a writer. Include in this section any professional memberships you hold, such as the Writers Guild of America.

Hints and Tips

Keep your resume up-to-date by ensuring you add details of every new completed piece of work. It also helps to tailor your approach for every job you go for. For example, if you're looking for a job writing for a long-running serial drama, position your credits in this field first. Try to keep your resume to no more than two pages, too; you may need to let your older credits drop off as you build your portfolio of work.