Costs of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are independent contractors who are able to schedule flexible work hours. Advantages of the career also include the ability to work from a laptop or cell phone, but the downside of a career in real estate includes the significant amount of money the agent must pay before receiving any meaningful income.


Most states require passing a set number of real estate courses before receiving a license. The prospective agent must pay for the courses and the textbooks, or agree to work for a real estate broker in exchange for paid enrollment.


All states require licensure for real estate agents. The fees for the license must be paid by the agent.


Agents must demonstrate that they are available for work. A cell phone, business calculator and a laptop computer (with Internet service) are essential.


Stylish and reliable transportation, with additional insurance coverage for transporting others, is required for any agent.

Suitable Clothing

Agents must have clothing that reflects a successful lifestyle for the type of client they wish to represent. Casual attire is appropriate for beach homes, while designer labels are necessary for high-end properties.

Security Clearance

Credit reports, fingerprints and a basic criminal background check are required in most states. Agents must pay this prior to receiving a state real estate license.


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