Certified Construction Manager or CCM Certification

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Construction managers coordinate projects for residential, industrial and commercial structures. Construction managers who are certified enhance their professional status and employment opportunities. Professional associations like the American Institute of Constructors and the Construction Management Association of America award Associate Constructor, Professional Constructor and Certified Construction Manager designations to qualified candidates. In 2009, the average annual salary for construction managers was $82,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Due to the increasing responsibilities of construction managers, the demand for certified candidates has risen steadily, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Being nationally certified provides evidence of competence and demonstrates professional expertise. Certifying bodies evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and skills using nationally accredited standards. In addition to demonstrating a candidate’s existing knowledge, being certified provides assurance to employers that construction managers will continue to develop their skills through professional development and continuing education training requirements.

General Requirements

To qualify for a Certified Construction Manager certification, candidates must satisfy general eligibility requirements. Prospective candidates must have at least an undergraduate degree in construction management, architecture, engineering or construction science. Individuals with a two-year associate degree must have at least four years of professional experience in general design or construction. Both bachelor's and associate-degree candidates must have 48 months of on-the-job experience as project manager, cost manager, time manager or quality manager.

Certification Types

In addition to qualifying for the Certified Construction Manager designation, candidates can apply for Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) and Associate Constructor (AC) designations. The American Institute of Constructors awards CPC and AC designations; both certifications have education and professional work experience requirements. Applicants without a formal education must have extensive work experience. Candidates with associate or undergraduate degrees must complete their formal training at an accredited institution.


Certified construction managers must maintain their credentials by taking continuing education and professional development training and must also pay a certification maintenance fee annually. They are required to abide by the Constructor Code of Conduct. Certified construction managers must earn a minimum number of continuing education course credits each year by attending conferences, performing community service or holding leadership positions. Continuing education credits can also be obtained by taking courses through recognized providers.