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Career Objectives for Fresh Marketing Executives

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The marketing world offers a variety of positions for professionals. Marketing executives are responsible for overseeing the marketing strategy for a company's products or services. As a fresh marketing executive, you are looking for your first position working in a senior role. Since this is a competitive field, you must look for ways to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Although career objectives are not required on resumes, they can be useful in providing details about your goals and skills. Your objective should be a short and powerful statement focusing on your assets and how they relate to the position.


Employers look for marketing executives with experience relating to the position. For example, if you are applying for a job at an entertainment company, you should highlight your background working as a marketing professional in this field. You can write, "A seasoned marketing professional with 10 years of experience marketing recording artists seeking an executive position at ABC Entertainment Company." You can also consider highlighting key areas relating to your experience by saying, "To work for a leading hospital and use my extensive experience overseeing strategic marketing and developing award-winning marketing campaigns."

Career Goals

If you want to work in a marketing department at a big corporation, your goal might be to land a job as the executive in charge of the strategic planning division. In your objective, you can write, "Seeking a challenging marketing executive position so that I can use my skills and experience to head the strategic planning division at XYZ Inc." If you want to provide specific information about your career goals in your objective, make sure it relates to the position. Employers want to know that your skills and ambitions are a good fit for the job.

Professional Skills

According to the Princeton Review, basic skills needed in this field include communication and writing. Depending on the position, employers might also want you to have specialized skills based on the job, especially if you seek work in the science or medical fields. You might say, "A top marketing professional looking for an executive position at a publishing company that lets me utilize my expertise promoting science books." Provide details about how your skills can be an asset for the employer by saying, "Seeking an executive marketing position that will allow me to use my in-depth knowledge of social media to develop innovative consumer goods campaigns working for a leading supermarket chain."

Work Environment

Marketing executives work in a variety of environments, from ad agencies to consumer advocacy groups and corporations. In your objective, provide information about your ideal work environment. You can say, "Seeking a marketing executive position with a leading cosmetics company so I can utilize my experience marketing women's beauty products." If you want to work in a particular field or industry, consider including this information in your objective. You can write, "To secure an executive position running the marketing department for a professional sports franchise."


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