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What Can You Do With a Master's in Organizational Management & Leadership?

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The master's in organizational management and leadership is a degree that focuses on the human side of business. Professionals in private business, education, administration and human resources can benefit from this degree. It is designed to prepare people who can see the big picture and lead within an organization, as well as manage change.

Organizational Management

Graduates are prepared to advance or lead within their organizations. This includes all organizations, including nonprofit organizations. They have learned administrative, operations, human relations and critical thinking competencies to help them manage effectively. Almost any management position is a good fit. This degree prepares managers who are effective in managing and directing programs, planning and administering budgets, hiring and supervising staff, and developing policies and goals. Suitable job titles include department manager or director, program administrator, human resources manager, management analyst, and training and development manager.

Public Administration

Government agencies or programs can benefit from hiring graduates with the strong leadership foundation this degree offers. The skills gained through this program prepare graduates to deal with diverse populations and achieve positive results, including change. This skill set of working well within an organization, collaborating with other agencies or organizations and communicating effectively with individuals makes graduates the natural choice for working with public programs at the city, county, state and national levels.

Adult Training and Education

Graduates may find employment working in human resources or employee development functions. Or they may teach adults or train corporate employees in a classroom setting. This degree prepares graduates who understand how people and organizations learn and how to deliver information effectively to these adult learners. They understand how to assess needs and develop and design, implement and evaluate a program. As a result, they may work in the role of corporate trainer, employee development specialist, adult education instructor, human resources generalist or training coordinator.

Higher Education

Often, graduates never leave higher education. They graduate with this degree and find employment within higher education, working within the student services or affairs program. A master's in organizational management and leadership prepares practitioners who want to improve people and operations, and student services is a great place to accomplish such a feat. Graduates may work as student advisers, program coordinators, retention counselors, career counselors, college success instructors or deans. Some may even teach leadership or business management courses at community colleges or liberal arts colleges that only require a master's degree.


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