How to Calculate CompTIA Test Scores

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CompTIA Network+ certified is part of the certification track to becoming a certified computer analyst. A test taker chooses from two different tests: CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ Practical Application. The TIA portion is 90 questions long, and the Essentials or Practical Application is 100 questions. Test scores rank from 100 to 900. A passing score on the Comp TIA + Essential Exam is 625, with 700 marking a passing score on a Comp TIA + Practical Applications.

Write down the formula. You will need this to calculate your score: S = 100+(900+100)*m/100.

Learn what each part of the formula means. S means the final score. * means to multiply. / is the symbol for division. M is the percentage of questions gotten right on the exam. The numbers in parenthesis equal the range of test scores.

Complete the formula adding your score to the formula where M is. For example, your percentage correct score was 90%, your formula would read formula is S=100+(900+100)*90/100.


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