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A buffet worker is essentially a waiter who works behind the table at a buffet-style event. A buffet worker could also be a bartender who is required to serve alcoholic drinks at a separate table.


The responsibilities of a buffet worker include serving (or monitoring) food and drinks to people as they walk the buffet line and acting as a runner between the kitchen and floor. He must retrieve new trays of food and supplies intermittently throughout his shift.

Work Environment

A buffet worker must be able to stand for eight hours or more and be able to handle high-pressure situations.

Skills & Abilities

The employee must be physically fit. There will be a lot of running, lifting and carrying throughout each event. The buffet worker must also have a pleasant disposition as she may have to interact with diners.


A buffet worker will most likely work on call from the employer when there is a catering job available. In the case of a busy catering or restaurant business, he will have to work six to more than 10 parties per week.


The salary for a buffet job will be in line with wages for regular waiter and bartender jobs--a minimum hourly server wage set by the state (about $3 to $6) plus tips. In non-tipping situations, a worker will be paid a regular hourly wage of about $8 to $12.