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How to Become Supremely More Marketable

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Finding a job in a competitive job market requires more effort than simply making a few changes to your resume. You’ll need to look beyond the traditional self-marketing techniques if you want to find a challenging job that offers room for growth and provides a comfortable salary. Developing a marketing strategy that helps you stand out from other candidates involves a significant time commitment but offers great potential career dividends.

Increase Your Visibility

Potential employers are more likely to hire you if they know you as more than just another name on a resume. Look for ways to become more visible in your industry. Join local professional associations and make the time to go to their meetings. Arrive early and mingle with other attendees during the premeeting social hours. Volunteer to serve on committees, particularly if other committee members are leaders in your field. If you’ve always viewed these meetings as time wasters, change your thinking. Meetings and conferences are actually time savers, as they provide an ideal way to meet many potential employers in just a few hours.

Become an Expert

Employers need employees who can bring high-level skills to the company. Review job advertisements in your field to determine what skills employers value. If you don’t have those skills, take a class or devise your own informal training program to acquire the skills. Obtain certifications if they're valuable in your field. Look beyond traditional skills and technology if you really want to impress employers. Follow industry news to learn about emerging technologies and learn those technologies before they become commonplace. The Counseling Today website suggests cross-training to ensure that you have skills that are transferable to other corporations or fields.

Solve a Problem

Look for new ways to solve problems in your corporation. Your problem-solving skills will enhance your resume and serve as examples of your prowess during interviews. You don’t have to single-handedly rescue your corporation from the brink of disaster in order to impress potential employees; solving everyday problems with new approaches demonstrates initiative and creativity. One advantage of keeping up with industry news and advancements is that you might learn about new approaches or technology that will help you solve problems.

Use Social Media

The benefits of social media extend far beyond notifying 200 of your online friends what you had for lunch or posting cute photographs of your dog. Social media also provides an important way to reach out to others in your industry. Attendance at meetings and conferences is an important part of increasing your marketability, but local meetings don’t have the same national and international reach that social media offers. Join groups related to your industry. Comment on ongoing discussions and start discussions about important industry topics, questions and relevant news items. Make sure all of your contributions add something to the conversation and that they're professional in tone and grammatically correct.