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How to Become a Corporate Recruiter

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Today’s professional only stays at each job for an average of 4.4 years. This high rate of turnover in the labor market is driving demand for recruitment and headhunting services, which means becoming a corporate recruiter may be a very smart career move indeed. Not only is there plenty of work in this field, but the career itself is rich in variety. Your day-to-day life as an employment matchmaker will involve interviewing job candidates, contacting their references and consulting employers to assess their labor needs. To get into such a rewarding career area, be prepared to fully devote yourself to acquiring the requisite experience, skills and qualifications.

Enroll in an accredited school and earn a four-year degree in human resources or business. Although a two-year degree may be sufficient, getting a four-year one may help convince a potential employer to favor you over other job candidates.

Get a job as a human resources assistant or in the customer services department of a staffing or recruitment agency. Stay in the role for a minimum of five years. An employer hiring corporate recruiters may require job applicants to have this level of experience within the industry. While you’re in the role, be sure to get the most out of the experience by asking coworkers to show you how to map and source resumes and to help you learn as much as you can about recruiting.

Sign up with an online training provider for a communication skills course and attend the course to improve your interpersonal skills. In a job where you’re meeting and interacting with new people every day, you need to be able to communicate with individuals from all types of backgrounds.

Apply to the HR Certification Institute for a professional in human resources (PHR) certification exam. Schedule and take the exam. Getting certified will make you even more employable, as the certificate is tangible evidence of your knowledge and understanding of the field of human resources. You may decide to also complete the senior professional in human resources certificate (SPHR). To be eligible for a PHR or SPHR, you need two and five years’ HR experience, respectively, provided you have a bachelor ‘s degree. If you only have a high school diploma, you’ll need four and seven years of experience, respectively.

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