Average Salary of a Funeral Home Owner

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A funeral home owner usually holds the title of funeral home director. He uses his expertise in mortuary science to prepare bodies for funerals, and communicates sympathy with grieving friends and relatives of the deceased. A funeral home owner supervises the upkeep of his facility and instructs staff in areas of embalming, hearse transportation and funeral preparation. A funeral home owner's salary is dependent upon his geographic location, education and type of industry.

Geographic Location

A funeral home owner's salary varies depending upon the geographic location of his business. Community economic factors, cost of living considerations and the demand for funeral home services affect that salary level. According to May 2009 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a funeral home owner/director in Kentucky earns an average annual salary of $43,350. A funeral home owner/director in Massachusetts earns an average annual salary of $82,780.


Educational achievements and academic accomplishments affect a funeral home owner's annual salary. A funeral home owner who has an educational degree typically earns a higher average salary than a director who does not have a degree. Many funeral home owners/directors have a degree in mortuary science from an accredited university. Both associate's and bachelor's degrees are available in mortuary science. According to Mortician Salary, the median yearly salary for a mortician is $52,000. Morticians in the middle range of wage earners make between $38,000 and $70,000 on an annual basis. Top-earning funeral home owners/morticians earn over $92,000 a year.

Type of Industry

A funeral home director's specific job industry influences his average annual salary level. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, funeral directors who are employed by the federal government earn an average annual salary of $70,190. Funeral home owners/directors who work for private death care services earn an average annual wage of $60,230.

Average Salary

A funeral home director is usually either a government employee or a self-employed owner of a small business. As with any self-employed owner of a small business, the amount of business, type of customers, advertising costs and number of employees affect annual salary levels. The salary level often changes from year to year depending upon the economy and death rates in a particular community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a funeral home director earns an average annual salary of $54,370.


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