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Retailers and banks need a steady flow of cash for transactions so they can conduct business smoothly. Regular deliveries of cash are often conducted by armored car security companies that hire armed security guards. The cars themselves are often armor plated vans or light trucks with special security locks installed to reduce the chances of theft.


Armored car guards receive additional training beyond the minimum usually given to armed guards. As these security guards are tasked with handling substantial amounts of loose cash on a daily basis, they are subject to more stringent background checks and behavioral screening tests. Some armored cars are monitored with on-board cameras to deter theft by security guards. In addition, accounting for the money is very precise, and any errors made in delivery are likely to be noticed quickly.


Armored car operators always work in groups of two or more. This greatly reduces the chance that they will be overpowered by assailants and serves as a strong deterrent against theft. They are tasked with driving around an area and making deliveries of cash or other valuable to customers such as ATM operators, banks and retailers. They also often take deliveries of cash from small businesses and deliver it to banks.


Even though armored car companies take many precautions to protect their workers, there's always a risk that death or serious injuries may occur. Car accidents are also a possibility, although the weight, structural strength and high visibility of armored cars protect occupants. Crimes against armored car guards happen most often in the process of delivery, while the van is parked. Actual violence is relatively rare, although hold-ups without any fighting do happen.


Armored car jobs are more common in dense, urban areas where a significant amount of low speed driving takes place. Armored car guard jobs often pay more than typical security guard jobs. Armored car jobs are very secure, particularly if the employees prove that they are trustworthy over a period of many years. The hours may not be ideal, with average shifts running from midnight until morning.


Demonstrating responsibility by working as an armored car may open opportunities in law enforcement and more advanced security positions such as working for a bank or casino in a leadership position. Many armored car companies are also unionized and offer health benefits and retirement packages. Overtime wages are also frequently available.


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