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How do I Apply for a Job in Military Intelligence?

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Military intelligence jobs require high levels of smarts, the ability to read between the lines and interpret data. Many intelligence jobs also require interrogation using a variety of techniques, often testing the questioner as much as the detainee. Prior to applying for a military intelligence branch job, you need to meet a series of prerequisites.

Physical Requirements

In addition to passing basic training and advanced individual training, military intelligence applicants must have certain additional physical, mental and psychological attributes for consideration. For example, the PULHES or Physical Profile Serial System rates all soldiers 1 through 3, with ratings below 1 considered unsatisfactory. Military intelligence applicants must rank at least 2 in characteristics such as upper and lower body strength, psychological fitness and sensory perception.

Intelligent Intelligence

Being smart, perceptive and having an analytical mind are all fundamental traits of intelligence applicants. To that end, the Army evaluates scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB. This test determines an applicant's abilities in math, spelling, problem solving and mechanical acumen. A minimum aggregate score of 91 to 101 is essential for most intelligence jobs, with the score varying based on the demands of the specific Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS.

Get Cleared

Intelligence work by definition deals with extremely sensitive, often top secret-rated data. As a result, any applicant wanting to serve in this branch must be able to clear a comprehensive background check, personality screening and drug test. Provided everything is completed and passed to the Army's satisfaction, the applicant has one more hurdle out of the way. Most top secret clearances must be re-issued every 10 years.

Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course

Officers wishing to pursue careers in military intelligence must first complete the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course, a program that teaches essential field skills in unit and troop movement and basic vehicle and weapon maintenance. Officers in this program are often later tasked with leading troops into areas to capture high-value targets, later interrogated to collect HUMINT -- or human intelligence. However, the program is required whether the officer later becomes an analyst, a common step after promotions into staff positions at Major and above.