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Warranty Clerk Job Description

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Warranty clerks often work for car dealerships and ensure that their employers are paid for all product maintenance parts or replacements covered under a warranty. They organize, process and review warranty claims made by the customers. As the work on occasion involves dealing with fraudulent claims, the warranty clerk should have exceptionally high ethical standards.

Keeping Careful Records

A warranty clerk ensures that all warranty paperwork is properly documented and that all verifying criteria needed by the manufacturer are processed correctly. The warranty clerk keeps abreast of all company announcements, especially factory recalls. The role involves working alongside the company's accounting department to obtain payments for warranty work. The clerk keeps customer and service records organized neatly into a comprehensive filing system to ensure that the company maintains a good relationship with all clients, and to make certain that all payments sent and received are accounted for.

Dealing with Manufacturers

Often the warranty clerk must deal with manufacturers who refuse to pay for certain warranted parts or service. The manufacturers also often do not pay the full amount, and the warranty clerk must discover why, and negotiate the rest of the payment on behalf of the customer and her employer.

A Variety of Skills

Aspiring warranty clerks should hold a high school diploma. Studies in business, computing and mathematics further qualify an applicant for this position. Warranty clerks usually deal directly with clients, so they should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be proficient in computer applications. The warranty clerk should have experience in the company's particular industry. Automotive warranty clerks, for instance, should have a solid knowledge of cars and trucks, and be able to identify specific corresponding parts.


Warranty clerks earn an average of $28,000 to $39,000 annually, depending on experience and the company's size. The majority of companies offer their warranty clerks retirement plans, health insurance and other benefit options.

Opportunities to Advance

The warranty clerk is an entry-level position and is usually applied for directly. However, it is also possible to secure this position by moving laterally across the company from another office clerk position. In terms of career development, warranty clerks can advance to managerial positions within the company. The average warranty manager earns an annual salary of $36,670 to $56,266. In the United States, 53 percent of warranty clerks are women, and most warranty clerks have between one and four years of industry experience.


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