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Junior Secretary Job Description

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Often called an administrative assistant, a secretary may provide support to everyone in the office, a small group of executives or one executive. A junior secretary usually reports to or takes direction from a senior secretary. The overall goal of a secretary is to ensure that office procedures run smoothly.


Generally, junior secretaries support senior secretaries in their duties, carrying out tasks delegated to them by the senior secretary. Responsibilities include providing administrative and clerical assistance to professionals, creating memorandums, greeting visitors, answering telephones, keeping schedules, making travel arrangements and organizing company events.

The responsibilities of a secretary vary from company to company and usually depend on the nature of the business of the company. In some cases, secretaries are employed part-time.


Junior secretary candidates must have strong written and oral communication skills, as well as a strong background in typing. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is important, as is familiarity with various telephone systems. Candidates must also work well under pressure, multitask with efficiency and feel comfortable making phone calls.

Depending on the nature of the business of the company, a junior secretary candidate may need knowledge in a specific area or computer program. Many times, the right candidate will be trained in these areas.

In specific cases, a college degree is required. In most instances, requirements include a high school education or equivalent, as well as previous experience or related experience.


Despite having the right qualifications, secretaries will need training to learn company policies and procedures. Oftentimes this training is carried out by a senior secretary who delegates tasks. Newly hired junior secretaries may receive training material such as handbooks or guides. Training varies with each company and industry.

Room for Growth

Oftentimes, in the absence of or departure of a senior secretary, a junior secretary will be promoted. A new candidate will fill the open position of junior secretary.

Working as a secretary allows an individual to demonstrate abilities and become familiar with various facets of a company, form relationships with professionals in various departments. In many cases, a secretary may be promoted to another position within the company that allows for greater opportunity and higher pay.

Salary Information

Compensation is based on years of experience, years with the company and qualifications. According to, the average annual income for a secretary is $32,030 as of November 2009, but compensation varies at each company and in every industry.

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