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Job Description of an IT Intern

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Internships are available to help students gain real-world experience in the work force. IT interns may work at IT companies or in the IT department at larger institutions. They support the IT staff in software, hardware and all other technological tasks and issues. Working as an intern can give new graduates a step up since they already have work experience.


IT interns must be in pursuit of a degree in computer science, information technology or engineering. Some companies may set grade point average requirements. They must have a class schedule that allows the student to work at least two days each week for at least four hours each day.

They should have some education in programming, database management and technologies like MS SQL, Exchange, Access and .Net frameworks.


IT interns must take direction well and be motivated self-starters. They must be open and excited to learn new technologies. They must have strong communication skills, both written and oral. They should be customer service-oriented and learn techniques to best serve clients.


IT interns must support the IT team in the maintenance of hardware, software and other systems. They must troubleshoot issues with equipment like printers, computers and servers. They run software updates backups when requested. IT interns may participate in the development of new desktops, servers or applications. They may research hosting options and report pricing and system options to supervisors. They may also research unusual bugs or issues the company encounters.


Interns often work without pay but receive course credit for their work in the field. They gain valuable practical experience in a real work setting. Some companies may pay interns minimum wage or more.

Job Outlook

New graduates who have IT internship experience will be favored over other applicants. Information systems managers earned an average of $112,210 in May 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for IT professionals is predicted to increase by 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the labor bureau.

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