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Job Description for a Bank Secretary

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Bank secretaries have an important organizational role at their banking institutions. They generally work a standard 40-hour week supporting the bank’s senior manager. In larger banks, especially those in urban areas, they may support a department or multiple managers. In addition to regular secretarial skills, bank secretaries need a working knowledge of financial processes, procedures, terminology, and software.


Bank secretaries perform administrative duties to keep their banks running efficiently. They compose correspondence, plan and schedule meetings, manage the calendar of the bank’s senior management, organize and maintain files, greet clients, and make travel arrangements for bank employees. Bank secretaries perform many functions once done by other professionals, such as creating spreadsheets, meeting presentations, reports, or databases. Negotiating with vendors, maintaining office equipment, purchasing supplies, and completing data retrieval are also tasks completed by bank secretaries. In addition, they prepare and secure client financial information and maintain the bank’s policy and procedure guidebooks.


Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills are essential to bank secretaries, as well as knowledge of computer office software including desktop publishing, spreadsheet creation, and database management programs. Accurate typing and proofreading ability along with professional telephone etiquette are required. The personal traits of maturity, dependability, professionalism, attention to detail, and maintaining client confidentiality are also essential. The ability to multi-task and cope politely with interruptions is also important. Bank secretaries also need knowledge of financial software programs and familiarity with corporate financial procedures.


Bank secretaries generally need a minimum of an associate degree in office administration offered by business schools, vocational technical institutes, or community colleges. Completion of financial coursework in accounting or finance is also beneficial. Bank secretaries supporting the executive management team of a large bank generally need a bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance.


Secretaries earn from $29,000 to $45,000 per year, as reported by in June 2010. Salaries vary by education, experience, and job location.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for secretaries to increase by 11 percent through 2018. Continued development in office automation allows secretaries to accomplish numerous tasks in less time making them more productive and able to take on additional duties once assigned to professional personnel. Many of the roles of bank secretaries are of an interactive nature and are not replaceable by technology giving them a career advantage that will keep them in key positions at their banks in the future.


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