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What Is the Job Description for an Asset Manager?

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An asset manager oversees assets that are owned, leased and subleased by an organization. He or she is responsible for determining the feasibility of asset acquisition and presenting supporting documentation to upper management or board members. Asset managers may also handle special projects as determined by managing directors.


Duties of asset managers may include the implementation, negotiation and monitoring of asset programs. Asset managers work to increase revenue and asset values through identified efficiencies and savings. Managers will prepare reports and perform analysis for research to proactively identify potential loan delinquencies and revenue losses. Asset managers may also review and update current policies. Implementing training and development programs may also be required.


Asset managers should demonstrate abilities in the areas of asset enhancement and financial results. Typically, asset managers have to function in goal-driven, fast-paced environments. This role requires individuals to be self-regulated and to possess the ability to work independently. Proficiency with computers and industry-related software is required.


At minimum, potential employers require individuals to possess a high school or general equivalency diploma (GED). Most potential employers require candidates to hold a bachelor's degree in business, accounting or finance. Though preferred, advanced degrees are not required for most positions.


Most asset manager positions are found within the real estate industry. (May 2010) reports males account for 64 percent of the current industry workforce. Popular fields for asset managers within real estate include commercial property management and real estate development.


Potential candidates for positions as asset managers with bachelor’s degrees in business or finance will earn between $54,000 and $90,000 annually. Salaries for candidates with advanced degrees (MBA) will range from $71,000 to $150,000. Candidates can expect to earn higher amounts with experience in related fields.


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