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Job Description of an Assistant Registrar

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An assistant registrar is an education administrator working in a college or university admissions office, namely handling registration and student records. In this position the assistant registrar is responsible for maintaining the integrity of student’s personal information and academic records. Basic day-to-day operation of the registrar office is overseen by this individual, along with being responsible for duties of office personnel.


The assistant registrar participates in the implementation of student management programs, including testing programs out with different student populations. She may hire, discipline and give guidance and training to new employees of the admissions office. Being a part of commencement activities also belongs to the incumbent, including providing resources on graduation and degree requirements. The assistant registrar interviews parents, faculty and students with special requests related to admission and registration. She may have to hold counseling sessions with students at the tme of registration or during the course of the academic year. Issuing transcripts, grades or clearing Social Security Number problems belong to the professional as well. Verification of enrollment, loan deferments or insurance forms or issuing background checks also belongs to the assistant registrar. Research duties may be performed in the way of archiving files or transcripts.


Generally professionals in this position hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, according to the University of Tennessee. Coursework for this position would include office skills, administration and communication courses.


The incumbent possesses excellent supervisory skills, able to lead personnel with effective leadership. Assistant registrars have communication skills in the use of the English language, including writing and oral communication. This professional pays close attention to detail, coordination and prioritizing. He is also proficient in computer literacy including knowledge of software application.

Knowledgeable Attributes

The assistant registrar is knowledgeable in laws related to students entering into college or university establishments. This would include knowledge of Homeland Security Regulations and Family Educational and Rights and Privacy Act Regulations. The incumbent also has a developed knowledge base of state residency policies for students entering educational establishments. She must also know the policies and procedures in maintaining confidentiality.

Salary and Occupational Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), registrars working in a college or university setting earn about $97,500 each year as of May 2020. Registrars working in junior or community colleges may earn less due to size or location of institutions. Occupational outlook is these positions are expected to grow 8 percent by the year 2028 due to a large number of retirements and less applicants for these positions.


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