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Spiritual Coaching Certification

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Certification in spiritual coaching is an avenue for ministers or other counselors to gain experience and qualification in helping others tap into their spirit source through metaphysical science and help them gain more spiritual awareness. Spiritual coaching is considered a faith-based practice but not necessarily a religion-based practice--according to the Coach Training Alliance and Holistic Learning Centers.


A spiritual coaching certification is a step outside of religion and focuses solely on spiritual awareness regardless of personal spiritual or religious beliefs. Religious ministers are encouraged to seek out a spiritual coaching certification program to add a broader spiritual dimension to their ministry. However, this certification is also recommended to anyone who believes they have the ability to coach others in tapping into their spirit source to help with any and all aspects of life.


The basic requirement to become certified in spiritual coaching is belief in metaphysical science and the resources to attend a spiritual coach training program. According to the Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. and the Coach Training Alliance, there are virtually no academic prerequisites for enrolling into a spiritual coaching program


Spiritual coaching is considered a specialty area in the field of life coaching. Under the Coach Training Alliance you will be expected to go through the overall skills and developments of what it takes to be a life coach before concentration on spiritual coaching. At the Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. spiritual coach training is offered aside from life coaching and immediately delves into the spiritual niche of coaching.


Spiritual and life coach training is much more involved than simply studying and learning terms and facts. When training to become a spiritual coach you will undergo the process of tapping into your own spirit to experience a spiritual awakening. Successful training to become certified in this field will rely on your ability to fully understand the process which you will eventually coach others to experience.


Spiritual coaches will be expected to have highly developed their own intuition and form of higher consciousness. A level of integrity, maturity and experience with your knowledge should be gained before attempting to coach others. Not everyone is open to spiritual coaching. In fields where spirituality is not integrated, it is best to cater your coaching techniques to the client's beliefs and permissions. According to the Coach Teaching Alliance, it is unethical to preach specific religious or spiritual beliefs to clients.