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Project Associate Job Description

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Project associates are involved in all aspects of implementing a specific project for an organization. This position may be employed in a variety of settings, including nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and private companies. People interested in becoming project managers often start as project associates, gaining needed experience in project implementation.

Job Purpose

The primary goal of a project associate is to ensure specific projects are implemented efficiently, successfully and within the agreed terms of the project. This requires constant oversight of the project to ensure activities are being performed, collecting data to analyze performance and reporting on progress. If the project is not being implemented to satisfaction, the associate should identify problems and correct as needed.


Project associates are involved in all aspects of project implementation. This may include ensuring the project stays within the budget, working with staff and other individuals to implement project activities, monitor and report on progress, analyze data, make suggested corrections if needed and write final project reports.


Although specific qualifications may vary, employers tend to seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree plus one to three years project management or administrative experience. Other qualifications may include basic computer skills, financial management and reporting experience and writing skills.


In addition to education and previous experience, there are a number of personal attributes employers seek when hiring a project associate. These may include the ability to multitask, strong attention to detail, self-motivation, communication skills, the ability to work as a team and willingness to take initiative.

Salary Information

According to Jobs-Salary. com, as of May 2010, the average salary of a project associate is $45,000. This may vary by employer type, education and experience of employee and specific job duties.