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The Job Description for Process Improvement

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Companies are continually trying to find ways to increase profit. When there are not very many customers to market products to and when the company cannot diversify, one of the few options left is to cut costs and increase efficiency. These improvements can be brought about by improving the various processes found in a given company. Fortunately, consultants are available who specialize in process improvement.


Process improvement consultants are contracted by companies to analyze the processes of their company in order to determine how these processes can be done more cheaply, efficiently and effectively. In order to analyze these processes, various documents must be looked at and various employees must be talked to. The processes that the process improvement consultant looks at include customer service, engineering, manufacturing processes and management, according to CTI Career Search. The consultant then provides a list of things that are being done well and also creates a list of things that can be improved, providing recommendations on how to change these aspects of a process.


While some time is spent in the office, process improvement consultants have to do a great deal of traveling in order to meet with customers, which can keep the consultant away from friends and family. Process improvement consultants have to work long hours during process inspections in order to quickly assist their clients. According to one process improvement consultant, reviewing company documents can sometimes be boring, according to CTI Career Search.


There are no specific educational requirements for a process improvement consultant other than they need a bachelor’s degree. This is due to the fact that different companies will need process improvement consultants with different areas of expertise, according to For instance, information technology companies will be able to use process improvement consultants with educational backgrounds in computer science.


Analytical and problem solving skills are generally required in order to be a process improvement consultant, according to Communication skills are needed in order to acquire necessary information from employees working at a given company and also in order to articulate recommendations for changes in process management. Flexibility is needed since companies might not be able to implement all solutions recommended by the process improvement consultant.


According to, process improvement managers can earn between $51,103 and $116,210 annually. Process improvement consultants who have worked one to four years can sometimes earn as much as $72,412. Process improvement consultants working for companies and the federal government generally earn the most, while process improvement consultants working for state and local governments are paid the least.