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Definition of an Assisted Living Coordinator

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An assisted living coordinator is an administrator who oversees the care of the residents within a facility. They are often responsible for all aspects associated with resident care, including medication management and meal service. The assisted living coordinator has a responsibility to his residents and their families, along with the employees and management of the facility. They must be caring and compassionate, while making sure the daily operations run smoothly. A background in health care and/or administration is helpful for this position.

Assisted Living

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Assisted living has became a popular option for elder care for many families in the last 1990s. Assisted living facilities offer residents help with bathing, laundry, medication management and cleaning. Many also provide meals and excursions for residents, all of which an assisted living coordinator plays a role in.

Organizational Skills

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Assisted living coordinators must be organized. This is critical when dealing with aspects of an assisted living facility, such as finances, employee schedules and medication management. The ability to answer questions or address concerns as they arise depends upon excellent organizational skills because the coordinator must be familiar with each resident's individual case.

Communication Skills

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Effective communication is also important when it comes to dealing with a variety of constituencies, including residents, families, employees and doctors. Each of these groups requires different communication skills. For example, a family may require communication based on concern for a resident, while employees may be communicated with with more authority. All constituencies must be treated with the utmost respect.

People Skills

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An assisted living coordinator will encounter many different types of people, so the ability to deal with people is absolutely critical. You must handle situations with diplomacy and respect, and gain trust. An inability to do so will likely cause unrest among residents and employees alike.

Additional Considerations

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Assisted living coordinators should also have a working knowledge of marketing, finance and managerial experience as well as a background in administration, in addition to the appropriate licenses or certifications to work in an assisted living facility, which can vary by state.


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