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Job Description for a Supply Technician

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A supply technician works within the logistics management field. The job involves the physical handling of items or goods. Supply technicians are employed by manufacturing outlets, distribution centers, retail management outlets and transportation depots. Various titles for the occupation of supply technician are warehouse material handler, material handling specialist, material facilities specialist or materials clerk.

Receiving Duties

Supply technicians work in an organization's receiving branch, which is responsible for off-loading items from vehicles, and processing invoices and receipts for distribution to storage or another organization, depot or distribution center. Technicians inspect items for correct quantities and damage in shipment. Technicians also work with inventory specialists or inspectors if a received item has an incorrect stock number or Universal Product Code, or UPC, identifier.

Storage and Issue Duties

Storage and issue is the process of receiving and storing items according to a company's established standards. The supply technician, who can be assigned several stockrooms or storage areas, is responsible for the timely storage of an item. Technicians are also responsible for stockroom management, the processing and storage of items within the same class or group.

Delivery Duties

Supply technicians also deliver items or cargo. These duties also include receiving items and/or following specialized transportation instructions. For example, supply technicians in a government environment may have special instructions for the delivery of a classified item.

Inventory Control Duties

An out-of-balance inventory can cause problems. The supply technician conducts the physical counting of inventory items. The logistics supervisor coordinates with inventory personnel to establish annual inventory schedules. The supply technician conducts the inventory according to the schedule. The technician is also responsible for flagging out-of-balance items for inventory review and adjustment.

Educational and Salary Requirements

Supply technicians work in what are considered unskilled labor positions. A two- or four-year college degree, however, can increase earnings potential. Degrees in logistics management or business determine how fast a worker is promoted to a managerial position. The median annual salary for a supply technician as of May 2014 is $28,000, according to the jobs website Indeed.

Material Recording Clerks salary

  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $63,980 ($30.76/hour)
  • Median Annual Salary: $38,470 ($18.50/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $26,370 ($12.68/hour)

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