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Job Description for Client Services Coordinator

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A Client Services Coordinator can be the glue that bonds an office environment. This individual should be very detail oriented and have outstanding organizational skills, as they often report to upper management. Excellent communication skills are also important for a Client Services Coordinator candidate, as this individual will be required to work with several different parties, from an internal team, to multiple clients, to outside vendors.

Job Category

A Client Services Coordinator is an administrative or clerical position that requires organization and communication skills, basic computer skills, and good time and project management. This role is common across all industries, but is particularly prevalent in advertising and marketing firms.


A Client Services Coordinator is responsible for scheduling meetings and managing schedules, and coordinating production services such as printing marketing materials. The most important responsibility is client management via telephone, email and in-person communications.


Most employers place more emphasis on experience than education when considering a candidate to fill a Client Services Coordinator position. Employers seek two or more years of industry related experience or client services experience. Other clerical/administrative experience will be considered.


While a bachelor’s degree is preferred, a Client Service Coordinator can possess an associate’s degree.

Related Jobs

A candidate for a Client Services Coordinator position could also apply for a job as an Account Manager or Administrative Assistant. With experience, a Client Services Coordinator could move into a role as a Project Manager or Program Manager, but a bachelor’s degree would likely be required.


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