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Job Description for an International Trade Specialist

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International trade specialists are individuals who promote business development and alliances in foreign countries. An international trade specialist provides information to business clients and partners related to business and expansion opportunities available around the world, securing capital, facilities and physical resources and implementing business strategies. Trade specialists work in foreign investment firms, banks, government, consulting firms or as contractors.

Business Development Responsibilities

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International trade specialists work with foreign government trade offices to maximize business investment opportunities in other countries for business clients and trade partners. The specialist must be familiar with the commerce laws of the country with which they plan to represent trade partners. Market analysis and segmentation based on foreign business and financial indicators is constantly monitored by the trade specialist when developing international business affiliations. Knowledge of import and export law is also a responsibility of the international trade specialist.

Foreign Trade Consultant Responsibilities

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The international trade specialist must always possess the latest information concerning foreign market trends. Clients and businesses which obtain the services of trade specialists depend on knowledge of the latest trends when making decisions concerning business opportunities or investments in another country. The international trade consultant provides statistics, forecasting and future projections concerning international trade and investments to clients. Most international trade consultants also process the necessary government forms to conduct business in other countries for the client they represent.

Creates Networking Opportunities

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The international trade business consists of various networks which include partnerships and alliances. The trade specialist has a responsibility to bring these elements together to form stronger business networks, collaborate on opportunities and support market expansion. The core function of networking is important to any business seeking foreign expansion and the trade consultant builds the network by using business associations, chamber of commerce strategies and performing data management of networking functions. The new technique which trade specialists use to create networking opportunities is through the use of social networks on the Internet.

Responsibilities to Management

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International trade specialists usually perform their duties under a supervisor. The trade specialist is responsible for updating the supervisor on various activities, clients, plans and strategies performed by the trade specialist. Initiatives created by the trade specialist are discussed with supervisors for approval before implementation. An example of an initiative which is carried out by the trade specialist is the creation of promotions and trade shows. The trade specialist submits the budget and marketing plan to supervisors to review with executive management before developing the concept.

Salary and Education

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An international trade specialist's educational requirement is usually a bachelors degree in business with a concentration in finance or international business. Knowledge of a foreign language is required in most degree study programs. According to, the average salary for an international trade specialist is with 1 to 4 years of experience is between the pay ranges of $32,556 to $45,436.

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