How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

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A life coach is a professional who provides advice, motivation, insight and counseling. Individuals seek the help of life coaches due to difficulties in their personal lives, complicated decisions, assistance in reaching goals or career guidance. The average salary of a life coach depends upon a number of factors including his length of employment, employer type and geographical location.

Work Experience

A life coach's salary depends largely upon how much work experience she has in the field, according to In September 2009, coaches with one to four years of work experience earned an average salary of between $29,253 and $43,987. The average salary range for five to nine years of experience was between $31,447 and $58,958. From years 10 to 19, life coaches averaged salaries of between $32,417 to $82,874. Once she worked in the field for 20 years or more, a life coach earned between $42,000 and $86,000.

Employer Type

The type of employer a life coach worked for also affected his average salary range in September 2009. Corporations and publicly traded companies paid the highest salaries at between $38,355 and $81,389, while state and local governments paid between $33,276 and $79,000. One of the lowest paying employers were school districts, which paid coaches an average of between $15,289 and $28,000. Self-employed life coaches averaged annual salaries of between $34,183 and $54,045.


The area where a life coach worked also affected his salary range in September 2009. The highest paying state for life coaches was California, with salaries of between $32,427 and $76,266. Other high paying states for coaches were Minnesota with average maximum salaries of $75,000, Colorado at $63,077 and Texas at $47,500.

Company Size

Company size also impacted the average salary of life coaches in September 2009. Employers with one to nine employees paid annual salaries of between $29,163 and $48,184. Those with 10 to 40 employees were the highest paying with salaries of between $31,390 and $50,000. The lowest paying companies where those who employed 200 to 599 people with salaries that ranged from $17,687 to $32,556.


In September 2009, many life coaches received additional benefits that increased their overall compensation packages. Coaches received an average of between 1.3 and 2 weeks of paid vacation and average annual bonuses of between $600 and $9,759. Other common benefits for life coaches included paid holidays and sick days, 401k retirement plans, casual dress, life or disability insurance, flexible schedules and tuition reimbursement for educational courses.