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Project Coordinator Position Description

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A project coordinator is an operations professional. He is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing all tasks that relate to a specific project. A general job title, project coordinators can be found in all industries, overseeing all manner of assignment. For instance, an IT project coordinator may work to implement a new technological system. A facilities project coordinator may work to assist a business group in moving from one location to another. He typically reports to a project manager.

Job Responsibilities

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A project coordinator confers with her project manager to understand the scope of a project. She then meets with the project team, ensuring that each team member understands their responsibilities and accountabilities. The project coordinator serves as the point person for the project. All human resources duties are performed by her. Additionally, she manages all vendor relationships. She also relays information between the project manager and client. Any paperwork required is her responsibility. She prepares bills and invoice, as well as budgetary and progress reports.

Job Opportunities

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Many project coordinators are promoted from within, having successful served in an administrative capacity within his organization. When seeking employment with a new company, a perspective candidate should firm scour online job boards, such as Additionally, newspaper classifieds are, of course, wonderful resources for job seekers. Another method of finding employment is to engage the services of a reputable employment agency. Many well-known national firms, such as Kelly Services and Manpower, focus specifically on the placement of these and other administrative professionals.

Qualitative Requirements

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There are many personal qualities employers look for when hiring a project coordinator. Most important is attention to detail. Any errors that this candidate makes can negatively impact the progress of the project. An applicant must also possess stellar interpersonal skills. She will be interacting with colleagues, vendors and customers/clients of all demographics and professional levels. It is important she be able to gain credibility with them so she may effectively complete her tasks. Knowledge of basic office and book keeping software is also crucial. Additionally, depending on the scope of the project, she may be required to juggle many duties at once.

Educational Requirements

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Most employers required that candidates possess for year degrees. Additionally, they typically prefer that a degree be in an area of study that relates to their line of business. For instance, a candidate for an IT project coordinator role would have a bachelor's degree in computer science, while a project coordinator should have studied finance or accounting. Additionally, a candidate wishing to increase her marketability may take continuing education courses through organizations, such as a project management institute.

Average Compensation

careertrend article image reports that the average project coordinator working the United States of America in 2009 earns an annual income of $47,000.