Job Description of a Recreation Supervisor

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A recreation supervisor is generally employed under the direct supervision of a program manager. He or she is involved in organizing, planning and providing supervision of recreational activities, recreational facilities, events of a special nature, and other related programs.

Recreation Supervisor Defined

A recreation supervisor is basically responsible for the coordination of recreational activities as well as administration within a local Parks Department. Possible areas of responsibility may include special events, overseeing recreational facilities, administration of youth programs as well as adult sports activities. Further activities normally include supervision of the community centers as well as the senior program. There may also be the opportunity for the recreation supervisor to take care of historic preservation sites, direct administration of the library and work with various community programs.

Typical Duties

Some typical duties of a recreation supervisor would include supervising the recreational staff, scheduling, implementing as well as interpretation of certain policies, and evaluating the staff as to performance along with making recommendations as to any disciplinary measures relative to staff disobedience. He or she may plan, organize and act as coordinator with regard to a number of recreational and communal programs at the park level, community center or with regard to other recreational facilities. This includes conducting meetings with public organizations and the community at large in order to better explain the objective of certain programs. They will also schedule activities and coordinate program activities with other city agencies and metropolitan departments.

Skills Needed

A recreation supervisor must also have some necessary skill sets. The ability to work well with numbers serves as a good example. They will prepare a number of reports and other documentation with regard to operations, park activities and concurrent statistical data. The supervisor may present this information to groups who have a significant interest. They will provide input as to budgets including the determination as to number of staff and relevant other material resources. The recreation supervisor may develop campaigns in order to raise funds and affect the solicitation of sponsors as a result of those campaigns.

Another skill set is the ability to work as a community organizer to maintain consistency in communication with neighborhood organizations, businesses, schools, local law enforcement, and volunteers in order to effectively coordinate parks department services.

Qualifications Needed

There are some qualifications needed to work as a recreation supervisor. They must have graduated from a four-year college with emphasis as to coursework in physical education, recreation administration, leisure-type services or something related as well as five years professional level experience in recreation. The recreation supervisor must hold a valid state driver’s license along with maintaining a satisfactory driving record.

Salary Expectations

The recreation supervisor may expect to make an average salary of $32,000 per year depending on level of experience and region where he or she resides.