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What Is a Health Care Administrator?

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With a median annual wage of $88,580 or $42.59 per hour as of 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care administrators have a potentially lucrative career. But this financial reward comes with considerable responsibility. Health care administrators have the important task of directing and coordinating medical services within facilities such as hospitals.

Significant Responsibilities

Health care administrators may be in charge of a facility such as a nursing home, or they may manage a particular department within a facility. They are charged with managing the quality and efficiency of health care services. They supervise assistant administrators, create work schedules and manage finances. Health care administrators also represent the facility at stakeholder meetings and must communicate with the medical staff.

Specific Roles

The role of a health care administrator varies based on the specific role. Nursing home administrators are responsible for the overall management of nursing homes, which includes managing staff, finances, building maintenance and patient care. Clinic managers are responsible for a particular department. They will set goals for the department and manage department staff and budgets. Health information managers securely maintain patient records. They manage the effectiveness and security of databases and must be familiar with current technology and laws regarding health information systems. Larger facilities may have assistant administrators. Assistant administrators handle day-to-day decisions and direct activities in specific clinical areas.