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How Much Money Do Private Tutors Make?

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As a private tutor, you'll often have the luxury of running your own business and setting your own hours, as well as setting your own rates -- though some "private" tutors also work for tutoring companies. How much money private tutors make can vary widely, but in general, you can expect to bring in anywhere from $15 to $95 per hour for your private sessions.

Factor in Experience, Specialty and Location

Private, in-home tutors may charge between $30 and $40 per hour, according to Angie's List, or a general range of $15 to $85 for all types of tutors. Generally, the more unique your skill set, the more you can charge for your services. For example, a person who tutors students in English grammar will tend to charge less than someone who preps students for the law school admission test or the graduate management admission test. Private math tutors at the University of California-Irvine, for example, charge between $25 and $65 per hour. If you're working for a tutoring service such as MyGuru or Kaplan, your company may charge its clients anywhere from $35 to $156 per hour for the service, but you'll earn just a fraction of that. Generally, tutoring companies as well as individual tutors charge more in cities on the east and west coasts versus locations in the Midwest or South. And of course, the more experience you have and the more clients you have vying for your services, the more you'll be able to charge over time.