Stay at Home Jobs for People With Disabilities

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Having a physical disability is stressful enough, but finding work that can accommodate the special needs of a disabled person significantly adds to that stress. Finding work-at-home opportunities with a flexible schedule that are not too physically demanding can help household income tremendously.

If a work at home position ever entails paying money, it is very likely a scam and should be avoided.

Customer Care Phone Rep

While the outsourcing of customer care jobs to foreign countries, such as India, has been a controversial issue, many American-owned companies are now seeing that their phone centers are benefiting by hiring workers in the United States. This eliminates the language and culture barriers that have vexed consumers calling for help. Sites like almost always have phone center jobs posted that are perfect for work-at-home employees.

Website Design


Website designers often have the flexibility of telecommuting and setting their own hours. And since many small businesses want to extend their businesses to the World Wide Web without paying the big price tags of larger web design services, a market exists for the special needs person who has these skills. Creating a posting advertising web design services on sites such as is a free way to start finding business.

Virtual Assistant, a site that matches work-at-home employees with businesses in need of services, says on its website that it has many projects available, both long- and short-term ones. The types of jobs that it offers include virtual assistant, transcription, data entry and customer service work. The pay will vary from assignment to assignment and depending upon the skills of the staffer.

Medical Transcriptionist

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says on its website, "Medical transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by physicians and other health care professionals and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material." Workers will need training to become a medical transcriptionist. There are numerous certifications available that may take from one to two years to complete.

Virtual Juror

Attorneys employ virtual trial services to determine the viability of their cases. Virtual jurors listen to the attorney's arguments online as they see evidence they are presenting. Jurors gauge their feelings on the arguments and answer questions on a survey at the end.

To be included in the jury pool, you must sign up online. is an example of an online jury site. When you register, you will be taken through a questionnaire and compile your registration. You are then added to the jury pool and notified by email when you have been selected for a case. While you will not get rich doing this kind of work, you will typically make about $30 per case.