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Human resources has adapted its relationship to companies, evolving to become a strategic business partner that helps organizations find, retain and develop talent. One such change has been the advent of human resources marketing, where HR and marketing techniques combine to meet the needs of today's employers.

Defining the Employer Brand

In order to attract top talent, companies must effectively develop and convey their employer brand to external candidates. HR marketing helps establish this by working with company leaders to decide what the organization wants to be known for in the community. For instance, if an organization wants to be be seen as forward-thinking, the HR marketing team may create an employer value proposition that highlights company offerings such as generous benefits packages and professional-development opportunities.

Social Media in Talent Acquisition

For those involved with HR marketing, talent acquisition is about more than posting positions on job boards and reading resumes. It's about leveraging unique ways to connect with candidates. Social media marketing has proven an effective tool in candidate recruitment, as many prospects are discovered via platforms such as LinkedIn and even Twitter. HR marketing specialists will often leverage social media to proactively reach out to top talent to make them aware of specific career opportunities with their organization. HR marketing departments will also highlight company perks, benefits and even certain jobs in videos posted to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

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Soliciting Employee Feedback

Employees are often the true face of an organization, so many businesses are turning to HR marketing to learn what employees want and expect from them. There are different ways in which HR marketers can solicit feedback from the employees, such as town halls or opinion surveys. With an employee opinion survey, workers can rate their engagement level and provide direct feedback to their leadership, often anonymously. Leadership then takes that feedback and identifies the drivers behind them in order to make the company a better place to work. In company town halls, leaders have the opportunity to speak directly to their employees and participate in a question and answer session. Leaders can also commission the use of an internal website to solicit employee suggestions, questions and concerns.

Skills Necessary for HR Marketing

Effective HR marketers have a range of skills that helps them connect to the employees they serve and the talent they hope to recruit. Effective communication is key, so an HR marketer must be able to reach target audiences and advise them of why her company's culture and opportunities are chief among potential competitors. HR marketers must also be competent on emerging technologies and social media platforms, and find creative ways to leverage them to promote the organization.

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