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Store Clerk Job Description

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A store clerk is an entry level retail sales position, who is responsible for selling merchandise and providing customer services for patrons on the floor. He typically works under the tutelage of a store manager or assistant store manager.

Job Responsibilities

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A store clerk processes the sale of merchandise. She greets and interacts with customers, and monitors patrons to assist the store in loss prevention. In addition to selling and customer service, she also maintains the appearance of her store, restocking shelves, cleaning, sweeping, dusting and mopping as needed.

Job Opportunities

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The easiest way to obtain a store clerk position is to apply directly to the store. In addition, many of these roles are advertised on the internet and in your local newspaper. Check niche job board sites that specialize in retail opportunities including including:, and Halloween through New Year's Day is the busiest time in the retail industry. Many retailers large and small hire additional store clerks to accommodate the influx of customers.

Qualitative Requirements

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To be successful as a store clerk a candidate should possess the ability to follow instructions. He should also be available to work inconsistent and atypical hours, including nights, weekends and holiday. He should be dexterous and physically fit, as he may have to stand for long periods of time and lift heavy objects.

Educational Requirements

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No educational requirements are required for the role of store clerk. This is an entry level position that many times are assumed by teenage employees who are still students. Though this role may lead to a career in retail sales, it typically is occupied by a part-time or full-time individual contributor with little responsibility.

Average Compensation

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According to, in 2009 the average retail sales staff member working in the United States of America earns an annual base salary of $22,131. Employees at this level typically do not receive a commission.


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