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Office Safety Topics

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Safety on the job is important no matter where you work, and office spaces are no different. Knowing how and when to act in an emergency may mean the difference between a minor and major injury, or even death. Every office employee should be well-educated on safety in the office.

Fire Safety

All office workers should know where every emergency exit is, where fire alarms and extinguishers are located and where to rendezvous outside the building if an alarm goes off.


Hazardous spills (toxic or not) should immediately be reported to the janitorial staff and highlighted or cordoned off with a yellow warning sign to prevent visitors and employees from slipping and falling.


Employees should be made aware of the risk of leaving personal and/or valuable items in plain sight while they are away from their desks. Most companies are not held liable for the loss of personal items on the job. Lockers and lock-enabled desks should be available to every worker.

First Aid

Every worker should know the exact location of a first-aid kit they can use for minor ailments such as small cuts, headaches, muscle cramps and inflamed areas. The kits should be well-stocked and up-to-date (no expired medications) at all times.

Accidents on the Job

If you are injured on the job, immediately report the accident to your supervisor and/or human resources department. Even if the injury is relatively minor, such as a sprained finger, appropriate documentation of the incident will come in handy if you need to be reimbursed later for outside medical treatment.