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Paper Cutter Safety

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Paper cutter safety is imperative to prevent dangerous lacerations or the accidental amputation of fingers and limbs. Technology has made it possible to design cutters with safety features to protect from accidental injuries. Companies are replacing older guillotine-style paper cutters with more modern equipment.


The most significant aspect of paper cutter safety is to protect users from accidental injuries. Buying equipment with safety features reduces the potential for mishaps. It is imperative that companies teach paper cutter safety to employees and have implemented safety plans and regulations.


Several types of paper cutter guards function to protect employees from positioning their hands or fingers in high-risk places on the equipment. Infrared lights enable safety stop features to react more efficiently and accurately to keep the cutter from working if employees are in danger. Foot pedals and clamp speeds have been adjusted for higher safety functioning.


Reduction in worker-related accidents often lowers the rates that companies must pay for insurance and liability premiums. Lost hours and productivity are cut down with proper safety measures and modern equipment in place. Employees are at a lower risk for potential accidents and injuries.


Training employees how to properly use this type of equipment is essential in paper cutter safety. If employees do not understand the machinery, it will not matter how many safety features are available. Many companies use rewards and incentives to encourage workers to follow safety rules and regulations for accident reduction.


This type of machinery should not be placed in high-traffic locations. Plenty of room should be available to keep others in the room from potential, accidental injury. Place bright yellow or orange tape on the floor to outline the work area and to keep nonusers from being too close while the apparatus is being utilized. Work areas should have plenty of lighting for performing tasks. Select a place that provides a quiet atmosphere to allow operators to have full concentration on the task.


Improperly maintained machines can pose many safety hazards. A regularly scheduled check of the equipment is imperative to make sure it is operating correctly. Make the necessary repairs and follow the maintenance schedule as part of the company’s paper cutter safety procedures.