Definition of Coaching & Mentoring

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Coaching refers to efforts by a manager to develop an employee's skills and knowledge so he can perform up to standards of a specific job. In contrast, mentoring is a broader process where a leader helps an employee balance personal and professional lives while building a career. Your perspective on these roles varies based on whether you are the leader or employee.

Leader's Perspective

As a manager, coaching is used to build strong team members so your department optimizes results. Mentoring is also helpful in building an employee, but the goal is more long term. You want employees to settle into their role within the organization with an upward aim. Also, mentoring is a way of passing on help you received from leaders as you grew within an organization.

Employee's Perspective

When a leader coaches you, he builds your abilities to perform well in a current position. This coaching is essential to achieving your goals and garnering favorable evaluations. Finding a quality mentor is beneficial toward developing a satisfying, long-term career.