Secretary General Job Description

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A secretary performs basic administrative duties. Usually for an entry level secretary position you just need a high school diploma. As a secretary a person will need to know how to maintain an office. A person needs to be able to do multiple tasks efficiently. They must have great written and verbal skills. A secretary must have great organizational skills, and they must definitely know how to type and use a computer. There are many things a secretary does in the office.

Greeting People

One of the most important things a secretary needs to do is to be able to greet people in a pleasant manner. A secretary is usually responsible for greeting people in person at the office. They also greet people on the telephone. A secretary must be able to give correct information, take messages when needed, and transfer calls to the right people in the office.


A secretary has to deal with all sorts of correspondence. Secretaries compose and type many types of office correspondence. A secretary opens and sorts mail. They also send mail.

Preparing Reports

A secretary gathers and analyzes data. They compile information from sources given into a well defined report. That means a secretary works on a computer much of the time. A secretary usually needs to know the most up to date computer information in order to do the job well.


A secretary prepares paperwork for filing. Sometimes a secretary is responsible for creating a new filing system. Secretaries are always responsible for adding new material. They are responsible for keeping the filing system organized.


The secretary in the office is usually the person in charge of purchasing all the office materials that are used in the office. They will have to keep track of what office supplies are being used. Then they have to order new office supplies when they are running out. A secretary also has to order new things when needed in the office.

Copy and Fax

A secretary is usually the main person who uses the copier machine. They are responsible for making the copies of paperwork in the office. Secretaries are also usually in charge of the fax machine. They send out faxes and keep track of faxes that are sent into the office. Then they distribute the faxes to whoever the faxes were sent to. A good secretary needs to know how to work both a copy and a fax machine.